Tiny Studio, Big Products.

We build systems, and design software. That's really about it.

This whole operation stars in the north. Far north. Somewhere in the heart of the Finnish forest, where the summers are short, winters are long, and nights are endless.

You see, there's not much out here. Trees for miles (or kilometers, really), and lakes aplenty. People are stoic. Life is simple. And its that marked simplicity that we want to bring about in the world of product development. To help you build the best products you can, without all the fuss.

🤝 Collaborative Spirit We're all in this journey together. You bring your expertise, and we bring ours. Together, we create something extraordinary. We believe the best work emerges when we function not as a client and agency but as one cohesive and dynamic team.

🦄 Embrace Authenticity We champion the idea that the best work happens when everyone can freely express themselves at any moment. We encourage people (including clients) to be unapologetically themselves, fostering a culture where authenticity thrives. If you think something's shit, just tell us it's shit.

🌑 Fear No Darkness We have no fear of the unknown. Life is ever-changing, and we adapt to grow. When faced with uncertainty, we look at the imaginary cameras and proudly declare, "Yes, we can," even when the exact path forward may not be crystal clear.

🚀 Above and Beyond Our commitment is to provide more than what's expected, to go above and beyond. We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards and diligently work to surpass them, delivering not just what's asked for but what people didn't even realize they wanted.